Our Products

Our strength lies not only in our own product portfolio but also in our ability to cater to evolving consumer needs. With intensive R&D capabilities, in-house laboratory facilities, state of the art machinery, stringent evaluation processes and dedicated quality teams we are equipped and ready to cater to diverse consumer requirements through well-established supply chains that can cater to any export requirement under our own brand names or private labelling.

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Private Labelling

We’ve expanded beyond our own brand names to cater to the growing needs of our clients across the world. We take pride in fulfilling the diverse requirements of our clients and our made fresh-for-order capabilities, coupled with competitive costs, can help increase sales and maximize profits without compromising on quality, safety or brand integrity. Our private label portfolio is available at low minimum order quantities with minimum lead times and we are happy to go the extra mile to cater to specific product or packaging requirements.

International Distribution

As one of Sri Lanka’s largest exporters, with established distribution operations covering over 65 countries across the globe, our international distribution networks ensure smooth and timely delivery to our clients through our direct buyers and our distribution agents. Our systems ensure transparency and trust with our distributors and retailers overseas to ensure the smooth distribution and retail of our products. .

We are happy to provide product solutions that best fit the needs of your organization and brand. From customized packaging and products to tailor made distribution solutions that will improve your margins and help build your brand, we use decades of experience to provide you with branding and distribution recipes that work for you.

Product Customization

Our intensive R&D processes supported by in-house laboratory and evaluation facilities coupled with stringent quality policies, enable us to customize products to your satisfaction. Exceptional product customization capabilities, state of the art manufacturing facilities, low minimum order quantities, flexible packaging solutions, tailor-made brand and distribution strategies and top notch quality processes help you focus on your brand and, our team will be there to provide all the support your brand may need from conception to delivery.

Quality Processes


All our manufacturing processes are carried out in compliance with international standards, regulations and requirements defined by our customers, industry and environmental standards.


We focus on sourcing high quality raw materials through our supplier partnerships and backward integration processes and, work closely with our suppliers to help them to optimize their processes.


Specialized R&D, Quality Assurance and Safety teams proactively test and improve our quality processes to ensure consistent in line with consumer requirements and industry best practices.


Our procurement practices help us source the finest raw materials and ingredients and our processing operations are consistently optimized to maintain the integrity of our ingredients and products.

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Export Highlights


CBL Global Foods wins Gold at NCE Awards 2020

CBL Global Foods emerged as the Gold Award Winner in the Extra Large Category - Coconut and Coconut Products sector at the 28th National Chamber of Exports Awards 2020. 


CBL West Africa

CBL West Africa (Pvt) Ltd commenced manufacturing and distribution operations in Ghana to cater to growing demand in the West African region. This strategic expansion supports market growth in the region through competitive pricing and ease of distribution.


Regional expansion

CBL expands its export reach to Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga and East Timor in the South Pacific Islands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Netherlands and Cyprus in Europe and St. Lucia in Northern U.S.A.