Your Frequent Questions


What does CBL stand for?

CBL is an acronym for “Ceylon Biscuits Limited” where it all began 50+ years ago. Since its beginnings with biscuits that won the hearts of Sri Lanka, CBL expanded its family with chocolates, cakes, nutritious cereals and kitchen essentials like pure coconut, textured soy, Noodles, soups and porridge. Ceylon Biscuits Limited is the group’s oldest company and the iconic CBL building in Pannipitiya is where the CBL Group has its HQ.

Does the CBL Group only manufacture the Munchee Brand?

Our passion for creating food that our consumers can love and trust began with biscuits. The brand Munchee made its debut in 1969 and soon found a place of love in almost every Sri Lankan household. CBL too became an industry leader by making supporting communities and soon CBL and Munchee became synonymous and the Munchee factory became landmark everyone knew. The CBL Group isn’t only home to Munchee though, its also home to many more of Sri Lanka’s best loved brands like Ritzbury, Revello, Tiara, Samaposha, Lankasoy, Sera, Nutriline and a range of organic fruits and spices.

Does the CBL Group only have operations in Sri Lanka?

We are a Sri Lankan company that is proud to have taken great food, made in Sri Lanka to over 65 countries in the world and have manufacturing operations in Bangladesh and Ghana.


How can I find out about vacancies at the CBL Group?

You can find out what opportunities are in store for you with the CBL Group through its website, LinkedIn pages, other social media and through all mainstream recruitment portals.

What can I expect from CBL group?

Our employee value proposition, stimulating working environment, differentiated development, high performance caring culture and opportunity to connect with your personal purpose through our community partnership activities.

Is the CBL Group an equal opportunity employer?

Yes! We are proud to have a culture that encourages diversity and inclusion and our customized personal development plans ensure that career progression is based on your career aspiration, skills, strengths and abilities regardless of ethnicity, race and gender.

How can I map my career progression within the Group?

You have the opportunity of achieving your career aspiration within the CBL Group through a well-executed, robust Personal Development Plan.

What are the key attributes I must have to join the CBL Group?

For us, it is not only about how performance driven you are. It’s also about how you uphold to our Core Values of Caring, Quality, Innovation and Integrity as well as our Group Behaviours. We love to get people with passion to do great things to make this world a better place.