Ceylon Biscuits Limited wins the overall National Business Excellence Award for 2021

Ceylon Biscuits Limited was named overall winner of the 17th National Business Excellence Awards 2021 recognizing its demonstrated excellence in business performance and contribution to the economic growth of Sri Lanka. The Awards, organized by the National Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, were an intensive evaluation of Sri Lanka’s companies under 8 aspects of Business Excellence: Strategy & Leadership, Corporate Governance and Strategy, Capacity Building, Performance Management, Local and Global Market Reach, Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability and Business and Financial Results.

In addition to its overall win, CBL also bagged 07 other awards at the event, clinching Gold for local market reach, excellence in business financial results, F&B category and manufacturing sector while winning silver awards for capacity building-performance management and excellence in corporate social responsibility. 

A subsidiary of the CBL Group, ‘Ceylon Biscuits’ is home to the Munchee brand. Since its beginnings in 1968 with the protein enriched CARE biscuit to supplement nutrition for schoolchildren, CBL has been a strong driver of growth in rural communities, supporting livelihoods and partnering development for communities across the country. Munchee leads the biscuits category and has done so for 20 years through brand strategies that are closely linked with the needs of consumer communities. At the forefront of cutting edge technology and food innovation, CBL is the market leader for biscuits in Sri Lanka and one of Sri Lanka’s largest confectionery exporters with export presence in over 65 countries.

Despite immense challenges that threaten food security and supply, CBL’s futuristic strategies have enabled the company to maintain strong growth performance and sustainable development across its value chain. CBL focused its efforts in the crisis on strengthening people practices and reinforcing and strengthening stakeholder partnerships in pursuit of its sustainable growth strategies and this has been reflected in its strong business performance and purpose driven results.